Used Coil Winding Machines

Below is a list of our current stock of used coil winding machines. These machines can be purchased in their existing used condition or rebuilt with new control systems.

Note: The specifications for the machines have been taken from the original manufacturers brochures. Please contact us if you require any further details.


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If we do not have the machine that you are looking for or if you have a machine that you wish to sell then please send us the details.

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Accessories, spare parts & manuals.

We have a large selection of used coil winding accessories including wire tensioners, solder machines, welding equipment, wire skeiners, etc. For more details please visit the used machinery accessories page.

We also hold a large range of spare parts and manuals for many old coil winding machines. If you need spare parts for your own machines then please send us your request via email.


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