New Accessories

Wire Tensioners

We offer a wide range of wire tensioners, from simple mechanical units to fully motorised systems with closed loop feedback and facilities to rewind the wire back onto the supply spool.


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Lamination Stacking Machines

Our lamination stacking machines are built to suit one size lamination but are adjustable for different lamination thicknesses.

  • Reduces the interleaving cycle time by up to 60% (compared to inserting by hand)
  • Available in sizes from EI28 to EI209
  • Pattern sizes and specials (E19, UI sizes) also available
  • Hand operated or motorised systems offered




Coil Turns Tester

Easy & instant readout of the number of wound turns

Solutions for 

  • Reducing costs by the early detection of defective products 
  • Input data error in a winding machine (Human error) 
  • Shortage of skilled workers for inspecting
  • Urgent analysis of unknown coils 


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