Design & Build Service

We have the capability to design and build special purpose machines to meet your specific requirements.


We have built multi axis machinery for winding filament, woven textile braids, textile / metallic mixtures, tapes, alloy wires, precious metals, ect., into and onto a variety of different products. 


Below are details of some projects we have worked on in the past. Please contact us if you have a project you would like us to look at.

Induction Heater Coils


Our client required a winding system to produce 3x induction heater coils in series, wound with a litz wire under controlled acurate tension. The litz wire was supplied on a large spool, so tension was applied via a motorised spool tensioner with a weighted dancer unit.

Sensor Coils - Up to 2m long


For this application, we adapted a WT300 machine to wind sensor coils up to 2m in length. The sensors were small in diameter, so we used a driven tailstock and intermediate supports to keep the coil steady during the winding process 

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