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One of the most widely used in the industry

The CWC control unit is widely used in the coil winding industry. It is compact unit with a good visual display for “Turns”, “Step number” & “Speed / Position / Quantity”. The programmed data is entered via a keypad on the front of the controller. The CWC unit is fully programmable and easy to learn

Product Image:

The CWC controller is suitable for most winding applications. However, one thing to note is that it is not possible to override any of the programmed data when you are running the machine, any alterations have to be reprogrammed.

Main features:

  • Capable of storing up to 1000 steps (programs)

  • Teach & learn facility for programming

  • Facility to move the traverse when winding is


  • Saves current winding data if power is switched off

    / power failure

Programming parameters (for each step):

  • Start position

  • Winding width (max 999.99mm)

  • Number of turns

  • Wire Ø / Pitch (max 9.99mm)

  • Number of slow start turns Number of slow end turns

  • Slow speed Fast speed

  • Winding direction CW / CCW

  • Feed direction- from left limit out / from right limit in 

  • Automatic move to start position

  • Automatic move to home position

  • Quantity of coils required

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