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Winding Technology has an appetite for research and development projects. We offer a complete design and build service, providing our clients with a solution that meet their specific requirements. This is a feature of our company personality that many clients find truly beneficial.

Our PCWM software can be customised to integrate additional screens seamlessly, simplifying the programming of complex operations, and reducing operator error.

If you have any specific requirement or new ideas which you would like to implement on a winding application, then we are here to help bring these projects to fruition.

Our previous projects: 

  • Fibre optic coils wound with a dual wire guide system, allowing 2 coils to be wound simultaneously.

  • Resistor coils wound with a vertical corrugated tape.

  • Sensor coils with small diameter and up to 2m long.

Our ready-made special machines

Browse our current stock of ready-made special machines, available for purchase now.

Wire Guide Arms_JPG.jpg.webp

WT300 Dual Traverse Machine

WT300-T for solder & braiding wire bobbins -traversing machine bed.jpg
WT300 Resistor Winding - Vertical Corrugated Tape .jpg

WT300T Traversing Bed Winder

WT300 Resistor Winder


WT300 Steel Wire Winder


Induction Heater Coils

Sensor Coils


Interested in purchasing a machine?

Click the link below to make an enquiry about our products or to request a quote.

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