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A compact bench-top machine

The WT 150 machine is a small bench mounted coil winding machine specifically designed for the production of small size coils and transformers. It is made of a high quality aluminium framework and robust mechanical parts.The main spindle is driven by a 750W servo motor, with a choice of speed and torque options. The wire guide carriage is mounted on a precision linear rail and is driven by a 100W servo motor and precision ball screw. An encoder on the main spindle provides high performance and exact movement of the wire guide.

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The WT 150 machine is supplied with the following parts as standard:

  • Machine headstock including winding spindle, faceplate & ER16 collet chuck.

  • Traverse system including 1x wire guide

  • Safety guard

  • PCWM control system & PC with touch screen

  • Push button control panel

  • Foot pedal incorporating pedals for speed control slow speed and brake release

  • Tailstock (optional)

Coil Diameter: 100 mm

Winding Length: 120 mm

Pitch Range: 0.001 to 50.00

Interested in purchasing a machine?

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