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Rotor banding machine

The WT 300 RB rotor banding machine can be used for wrapping Kevlar, prepreg carbon fibre or glass tape around high-speed PM rotors. The machines are capable of winding multi filament tows at very high tension directly onto the rotors or to produce sleeves to be pressed onto the rotor. The closed loop tension system provides precise and consistent tension to the tape as it is being wound.

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Developed over many years, our machines incorporate many innovative ideas to produce quality wound components. The PCWM control system allows you to create a data file containing all critical winding data including tape batch numbers, tape tension, etc., for each component wound.

Options available:


  • Extended machine bed & banding length

  • Cut & heat stamp system for glass tapes

  • Pneumatic chuck & tailstock

Coil Diameter: 300 mm

Winding Length: 350 mm

Centre Distance: 380 mm

Max Load: 150 Kg

Pitch Range: 0.001 to 150.00

Tape Spools: 300mm Ø x 20mm width

Tape Tension: Up to 500N

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